October Parent/Teacher Conferences Schedule JK-8

4:00-4:30Session 1
4:30-4:35Passing Time
4:35-5:05Session 2
5:05-5:10Passing Time
5:10-5:40Teacher Dinner
5:40-6:10Session 3
6:10-6:15Passing Time
6:15-6:45Session 4
6:45-6:50Passing Time
6:50-7:20Session 5
7:20-7:25Passing Time
7:25-7:55Session 6

Sessions Offered:

  • Visit your child’s classroom. Find out about classroom expectations and routines, learning targets for this year and activities to support your child’s learning
  • Visit the specialists(art, music, phy. ed., etc.)
  • Learn about OTUS and sign up so you can see your child’s report card
  • Learn about e-Funds and sign up
  • Visit the Scholastic Book Fair

Childcare is available